Looking Back, Gazing Forward

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If I had to sum up 2013 in one word, it would be “tough.” I’m not entirely sure why it felt so challenging, because I didn’t have any major catastrophes or calamities. In fact, it was primarily a year of successes and good stuff.

I wrote my second book. I taught more than 60 classes and workshops (and traveled a lot). Thanks to massive help from Scott and Roz, we relaunched Food in Jars with a new look and created more space to work with businesses and sponsors. I wrote a lot for my blog, for Table Matters, for the Food Network’s blog, and for various other publications.

I think the thing that made this year feel so rough is that it was a little out of balance. I invested a huge amount of energy in continuing to build and grow this career/blog/business of mine and didn’t leave a whole lot of time or energy for anything else. To make it worse, I never felt like I was working hard enough, despite the fact that I was regularly typing away at my computer until midnight or later.

And so, as I get settled into this fresh, new year, I’m hoping to rejigger things a little. I’m not calling these resolutions. They are instead necessary course corrections.

  • I need to work a little less and find a little more time for friends. I feel woefully isolated and without tight community and I would like to change that, even just a little bit.
  • It is time to be kinder. To myself and to Scott. I am in the habit of being extraordinarily hard on myself and when I find myself tumbling down into a spiral of overwork and dissatisfaction I’m not particularly nice to anyone.
  • I want to start the day a little earlier. I’m not going to start getting up with the sun, but I would like to be up, showered, and dressed before 9 am on weekdays.
  • This is also the year where I’d like to let go. Of the comparisons, the resentments, the frustrations, and unrealistic expectations. Of the need to do everything and be everywhere. And most of all, of the feeling of stuckness that dogs me. I’m just done with it all.

Happy New year, friends!


5 thoughts on “Looking Back, Gazing Forward

  1. Rose

    I hear ya! Work, work, work is no fun and you need to refresh on occasion. I know you read a lot of cookbooks, but currently I’m reading The Happiness Project. I am going to hear the author (Gretchen Rubin) in Doylestown speak this week. I highly recommend the reading of the book. Solid, simple, concise and practical advise for making the life around us better and not a be-all end-all…just some great suggestions on all those things you just listed. Try it.

    1. Marisa Post author

      I actually have The Happiness Project on my Kindle. I started reading it awhile back and then stopped. I think I need to pick it back up again!

  2. Roz

    Lucky me! Clicked on Food in Jars today and ended up here… welcome back Apartment 2024! Oh how I miss your coziness, your dishes, your wall of books, your ability to make anyone feel welcome. I was talking about your apartment, but gosh, that could have been you too! I miss you Marisa! I am glad that you are carving out some time for yourself and I hope you have the kindest, most fulfilling and wonderful year yet! <3

    1. Marisa Post author

      Thanks Roz! I so miss having you over to Apartment 2024! Philadelphia misses you! And may your year be equally full of goodness!

  3. Nicole

    Congrats with all your successes in 2013 and good luck with your adjustments for 2014!! They sound very worthy and extremely important for anyone needing some re-balancing. Thanks for giving me something to think about 🙂


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