I am…

the younger, wacky friend. It’s true, in my group of friends, I’m the “alternative” one. I’m the only one raised by parents who were undoubtably hippies. Who has a visible tattoo and who dyes chunks of her hair colors not often found in nature. Who grew up in an alternative spiritual organization and who declares her intentions and desires to the universe, expecting the universe to answer back and deliver.
And yet we fit. There isn’t any discomfort or awkwardness caused by our differences, it makes our friendships richer and more interesting. We come together with our different backgrounds and histories, different educations and experiences and we speak in harmony. Not always unified but always united by affection, openness and genunine love. Hey girls, if you’re reading this, I love you all, I’m pretty darn lucky to have found friends as spectacular as you all!

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