I've been a bad blogger

I haven’t posted in days. And sadly, I don’t have anything good to write now, so I’m going to offer up something my mommy wrote, because it encapsulates my family and cracked me up. I’ll write something good, hopefully later today.

Stove Top Miracle
A True Story

I stood there, soapy sponge in hand,
ready to scrub, when I saw it.
There spelled out in burnt yam
or maybe drips from the soy
sauce bottle was the word “GOD”.
I called my husband in. “Look,
on the stove top, it says “GOD”.
He peered at it from a distance and
then close up. “It looks like “GAD”
to me. “What kind of a sign is
“GAD”? It says “GOD”, I insisted.
“Maybe we can get something
for it. on E-Bay. I could print up a
certificate of authenticity,” he said.
I called my daughter in.
She said, “It looks like “GOD” to me
but it would be better if it was a
likeness of Jesus or Mary.
We three stood there cocking our
heads from side to side. My husband
took the sponge and wiped it up.

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