Mr. Martino's Trattoria

I have to admit, I have a wonderful life. Take today for example.

The Dansko outlet (half off retail price) was my first stop. I don’t think that you understand the extent to which I love Danskos (“It’s not a clog, it’s a Dansko.”) When I have them on my feet, I’m a happy girl. They are comfy yet cute. Professional, but with a touch of funkiness (just like me!). Shay, Erin and Annelise join me in my love of this easy-to-wear shoe and rounded out “Team Dansko” this morning. The store (which is attached to the factory in Jennersville, PA, one short hour from Philly, 8 Federal Road, West Grove, PA, (610) 869-5765) opens at 10 am on Saturdays, and everything that is available that day is on the shelves when the doors are unlocked, so the idea is to get there as soon as the store opens to have the broadest selection (okay, I admit, it’s a little sick, but just go with me). When I was a little kid, one of my favorite books was called “New Blue Shoes.” Today it would have been more appropriate if the book had been called New Red Shoes, because that’s what I got. They are red with black leopard spots and furry. And yet ever so sensible! (My grandmother would have LOVED these shoes, the woman loved everything animal print, it must be where I got it).

What made the morning so nice was not just the actual visit to the outlet, but the total trip. The sun was shining as we zipped up Route 1 in Erin’s green Honda with the music streaming and the windows down. I’ve been craving a road trip, and this jaunt, even though it wasn’t long, did something to satisfy my taste for the open road.

Ingrid (the twin sister I always wished I had) called me this morning to excitedly report that she had a “movie-style” first (7 hours!) date last night and is deep in the throes of a delicious and timely infatuation.

I went for a longish run on Kelly Drive in the brilliant sunlight and ran (actually I jogged in front of her and then stopped, I like to get attention in dramatic fashion) into my friend Malika.

Being out on Kelly on gorgeous days (especially after the long winter we’ve had) is like jumping into a pool of communal joy. There are families having picnics on the grass by the river. Runners steadily covering ground. Couples holding and hands and strolling under the trees. Rollerbladers zipping by, completely entranced by the speed with which they cover ground. Kids on bikes with training wheels determined to be masters of the two-wheeler by May. Everyone is content to pursue their own activity, in the company of friends, family and strangers.

I was hungry and had a salad with grilled chicken. It’s awfully nice to eat when you’re burnt up all your food energy running.

I saw “Rittenhouse Square” at the Prince Music Theater and governor was there (I have pictures to prove it). After the movie I walked to South Philly (Passyunk and Tasker) in my New Red Shoes, all the way down Broad Street. I was a little early and so I got to sit on a bench on Passyunk and people watch for half an hour. I rarely have the opportunity to just sit around and kill time, I’m not sure if I articulate how nice it was to just sit and watch people wander past. (actually, I probably could, but it’s getting late and I need to go to bed). I had dinner with Georgia, Ingrid, Cindy and two of Cindy’s cousins at Mr. Martino’s Trattoria (thus the title of this post). The food was really yummy, abundant and not expensive. All evening I kept wishing I had a tape recorder with me, our table was racous with laughter, and I’d love to know what was so darn funny. (Actually, I think it was me, because I’m SO funny).

Ingrid drove me home (walking one way was more than enough and my mother would kill me if I walked up Broad Street after dark) and now I get to go to bed.

Pretty nice life, huh?

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  1. Anonymous

    “Jumping in a pool of communal joy.”

    Thanks for that imagery, and articulation. I felt like this Sunday afternoon, in Rittenhouse Square, wading through dogs, kids, couples and families thereof, all kinds of happy energy responding to itself.

    “And I think to myself, what a wonderful world.”


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