Interview woes

I had my second job interview yesterday, and while I don’t think it went badly, I didn’t leave with the same feeling of confidence and victory that I experienced after the first one. I met with two women this time around and they challenged me. They didn’t let me get away with answers that were polite, politically correct or safe. They wanted the real story, why I left my job at AACR, why I want to leave the job I’m in now, what tasks I don’t like to do and why I’m in Philadelphia. There were moments where I felt flustered and it showed, and I don’t like that. It was a hard interview, there’s no denying.

However, I do know that I am on the short list with one other person. They are checking my references (and I have awesome references) and I should hear something soon. Keep your fingers crossed and your good thoughts flowing.

On a fun note, I’m heading to Pittsburgh tonight for the weekend with Cindy and Ingrid. We’re going to eat sandwiches with cold slaw and french fries, ride the incline, go to the arts festival and hit Cindy’s favorite thrift store. What could be better?

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