I just got an email from Jackie at Penn saying that she’d like to talk to my current supervisor in order to get a reference from her. Our arrangement was that she wouldn’t talk to my supervisor unless they were going to offer me the job.


I’m all aflutter!

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  1. Anonymous

    Hi Marisa! Well, I hope that means they must be ready to offer you your dream job! Being all a flutter is a good thing. And things being lined up in the universe is happening this week. I was just offered a teaching job for the coming school year after I was about to give up all hope and had resigned to thinking maybe God wanted me to take a break from teaching. Then, wham, after only one 20 min. interview I was hired and that is unheard of in education. I am used to follow ups and observations in teaching etc… I was relieved and now a bit scared of the work ahead, but thanks be to Almighty God – I have a direction. I’ll say a little prayer for you that the right outcome will result! Love, Harfijah

  2. Anonymous

    Woot! Woot! I’m excited for you! Oooh, maybe some of this fluttering will rub off on Dolly, she just had an interview today at Penn. Sending hiring vibes your way… oops, sending them to Penn…

    Dan W.


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