The end of yesterday's story and news of my sister

As I walked across campus today to pick up the mail, I called my mom to tell her how the mishap from yesterday resolved itself this morning around 11:30 am. There had been a moment, when I was sitting at my desk, my head in my hands, because it felt like there was nothing I could do to rectify the situation. Everyone I called verbally shrugged at me and hung up the phone. It didn’t matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t find a solution. At that moment, when I had done everything I could do, when I didn’t know what else to do, I gave up. Of course then the phone rang, and all the pieces fell into place and it was done.

I finished recounting the moment to her, stopped short and said, “Oh shit, there’s quite the lesson in that.” I’ve learned this one before, I’d really like to make it stick this time. It’s just that I have a really hard time letting go, trusting that no matter how much I want to make it work, sometimes I just can’t. Oh, the “I can’t.” We have such a love/hate relationship.

Just as I finished recounting my story of revelation, the doorbell rang on my mom’s end of the phone. It was a photographer, coming to the house to take pictures of my sister. Raina got back to Portland from her last tour just a couple of weeks ago, and is already planning the next one (she’ll be on the east coast in the early spring, don’t think I won’t be screaming it from the rooftops when I get more information) and these pictures are part of her promotion plan. My mom was mid-sentence when she broke off to say, “Whoa, sexy.” It seems Raina had come upstairs in a tight dress with a plunging neckline and very (VERY) big hair (but not in a Texas sort of way, more like a very blond Jew-fro). Evidently the plan was to roll around the on the bed in the dress and look sexy. I hear there was also some climbing out on the roof. My mom expressed concern that she couldn’t fit out the window, and Raina’s response was, “If the cat can do it, so can I.” Uh-huh, go on thinking that, Rainy. She also posed with just the guitar, no dress required. Those are going to be some interesting pictures.

That’s all the news for now, I’ve got a good story in the works for tomorrow.

0 thoughts on “The end of yesterday's story and news of my sister

  1. Katey Schultz

    ok so now i’m curious – because i read some of your other entries about your sister’s tour too. can i buy her album around here or is it more like, well, just hold out for if she comes by this way? i wonder what her opinion is on being objectified to help promote her music? actually, hopefully, she just doesn’t think about it that way…but i’m curious.

  2. Marisa

    Hey Katey,
    You can buy her cd on CDBaby ( I don’t think she thinks she is being objectified for her music, but she does understand the fact that sex sells, and she’s interested in getting her music out there, and if that’s one of the conduits to get people to pay attention to her, she’s willing to do it.


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