Random Friday–gratefully welcoming the end of January

You know the rules of the game by now. Set your pod or other digital musical device a’shuffling and report back the first ten songs it spits out. No skipping, omitting or hedging.

1. Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door, Bob Dylan (Before the Flood)
2. Sexuality, k.d. lang (All You Can Eat)
3. Dinner at Eight, Rufus Wainwright (Want One)
4. Airport Song, Guster (Goldfly)
5. Cooling, Tori Amos (To Venus and Back)
6. Recovering Soul, Maria Muldaur (Meet Me at Midnight)
7. Fire Door, Ani DiFranco (Living in Clip)
8. Urge for Going, Joni Mitchell (Hits)
9. Boy Cried Wolf, Patti Smith (Gung Ho)
10. Cordova, Indigo Girls (All That We Let In)

I was really hoping that the pod would dish up some Grateful Dead today, so I could have an excuse to tell you about my sister’s latest experience on the road. It didn’t, but I’m going let Raina tell you anyway. This is from her tour diary.

i just had to share that i jammed in the basement of jerry garcia’s house today and i met a buddhist holyman, and i hot tubbed in the backyard of someone’s house, and man, i love tour! We are heading to Santa Cruz tomorrow to busque on the street, and hopefully we will meet some kind kids to put us up for the night! The van is all decked out with a bed and such, and we still haven’t slept in it! But we have put up some curtains. It feels nice to be out of the rain.

0 thoughts on “Random Friday–gratefully welcoming the end of January

  1. Reis

    Sounds fun, i’m in.

    1. The Hives – No Pun Intended
    2. At The Drive-In – Quarantined
    3. Lostprophets – Kobrakai
    4. Dave Matthews Band – Hunger For The Great Light
    5. A Perfect Circle – The Noose
    6. Incubus – Favourite Things
    7. My Chemical Romance – Thank You For The Venom
    8. Hard-Fi – Cash Machine
    9. PennyWise – Greed
    10. Tool – Hooker With A Penis

    It’d be a /lot/ more random if i had all my songs added, but i’m in a rock mood this week…as you can probably see from the tracklisting 🙂

  2. Matt

    Hmm. I always thought that “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door” was on the soundtrack for Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid, where it serves as the background for one of my all-time favorite death scenes. Shows me.

  3. Devon

    I have a friend who uses his IPOD as an 8ball of sorts. He will have a question or an issue in mind and then he will ask the IPOD to tell the future or something about the situation. Its kind of fun.

    I hope this isn’t saying anything about the month of February.

    1. Night time is the Right Time- Ray Charles
    2. All I Have- LL Cool J and J-lo
    3. Miss Ohio- Gillian Welsh
    4. Dance Tonight- Lucy Pearl
    5. This Womans Work- Maxwell
    6. Flow- Sade
    7. Sara Smile- Hall and Oats
    8. Back Stabbers – O’Jay’s
    9. I Can’t stop loving you- Ray (again)
    10. Big Step Little Step- Proe


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