Columbus Blvd. Encounter

Sunday afternoon, I was stopped in my car on Columbus Blvd., waiting to turn left onto 676 to head back up to my neighborhood. I glanced up into the rearview mirror and saw the person in the car behind me was waving frantically, trying to get my attention. I took a closer look, and realized that it was my cousin Dan (who I hardly see, despite the fact that his office is two blocks from me and his house is six. We are busy people). I pulled out my cell phone and saw him doing the same thing. We both placed the call at the same moment, getting each other’s voice mail. He called me back and told me how he figured out it was me in the car in front of him,

I got behind this car, and noticed the bumper stickers. First there was the large “Coexist” sticker, which I thought was interesting. Then came the Subud sticker, which also made me go huh. Then finally, I worked my way to the top of the car and saw the Whitman sticker, and thought to myself, I know who’s in that car. It was a ten second process to figure out what should have been obvious.

We talked for a while as we both got on 676, about family, my sister’s concert which he can’t make and the shutters he was looking at at Lowe’s. About how we need to get together and do a family brunch again. We hung up as we pulled onto the stretch of 676 through Center City, and he pulled ahead we both waved as we passed. It was an unexpectedly fun encounter and one I was tickled to have.

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  1. Katherine


    Thanks for the comment on my blog– I am glad you read it at a moment where it could be helpful!

    I was curious and checked out your blog– it is a fun read. Must put it on my list of regular visits.!



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