Let Peace Prevail

This weekend is the 3rd anniversary of the invasion of Iraq and all across the country, people are marching and rallying to try to make their voices of peace heard. My connections to the peace movement are stronger in Portland, OR these days than in the city I live, as my dad has reclaimed his roots as a peace activist (those roots were firmly planted in the 60’s during his years as conscientious objector and radical hippie) to help start a non-profit called People of Faith for Peace.

There’s a big march and rally in Portland today, starting at 1:30 pm at Waterfront Park. My dad has sweated buckets over this event, and has sacrificed much of his own inner peace to help this thing happen. He will be singing a song he wrote, called “Let Peace Prevail” from the stage, to share with all who attend the dream of peace that he holds. I wish I could be there in body, as I’m already there in spirit.

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