Carnival of the Mundane: Random and Ecletic

Come one, come call, to the Carnival of the Mundane. There’s room for everyone no need to shove. We have stories of cannibalistic pets and post-modern absurdity. Of elevator etiquette and transcendence via fire hydrant. So please, stay awhile. Take a walk around and see the sights.

Kim lets her kids fingerpaint for the first time and the experience rapidly degrades.

Erika and her sister mourn the passing of a planet.

Ellen narrows down the field for her fantasy future husband.

Randall’s son gets the bargain of the century on some hamsters and their habitat.

Kevin breaks up with Tom from Myspace.

Sparky eats his way around Philadelphia.

Kailani ponders the ways in which she has come to realize that blogging is taking over her life as well as offering an object lesson on elevator etiquette.

Eteraz ruminates on the wonder that is President Bush reading Camus.

Mad Kane’s trials and tribulations while tagging along on her husband’s business trip.
A fire hydrant brings peace and the appreciation of the little things to Lil’ Duck Duck.

Me-Ander explores the last days of summer with an extra week of vacation and spends some time with her grandchildren.

Consumer culture gives Wenchypoo indigestion so she tries to impart a little frugal wisdom onto the Gen Y-ers in the audience.

Just in time for back to school, the American Inventor Spot features a slew of supplies that are far cooler than anything I ever had in my back pack or dorm room as well as a taste-test of the best cheap sodas.

Alex at Have Passport, Will Travel determines that it is time for a new dog to come into his family’s life.

Miriam’s Ideas are many, including ways to get other people to pump her gas.


0 thoughts on “Carnival of the Mundane: Random and Ecletic

  1. Karen

    I found your blog a couple days ago and started reading a lot of the entries. I used to have a blogspot journal filled with writings and I deleted it, but now, I’m back. I don’t have a lot of entries to show for but I just wanted to say that I love this whole journal of yours. I love your stories and they’re interesting. Also, in your “about me” page you mention something along the lines of how you just knew Philly was for you… I know exactly how you feel.

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