Past Me/Future Me

Today I got an email from myself that I wrote a year ago.  I had totally forgotten that I had written a note and left it at, for future delivery.  But it was a treat to receive it, and an interesting experience to learn that I am not where I expected to be last October.  But I never fathomed that I would be where I am back then either.  Grad school wasn’t part of my equation yet and I was on shaky, uncomfortable psychic ground then, just gearing up to head into a major crisis of interior faith and identity.

If anything, I wish I had written more to my future (present) self.  The email is chatty and frustratingly superficial, quickly referencing my sister’s gig opening for Johnny A and a family friend’s foot surgery.  I want to know more about who I was a year ago.  I can imagine myself sitting at my desk at Penn, quickly dashing off the note, one more way to momentarily avoid the mind-numbing work that waited for me.

After getting the email from myself today, I went over to the website and wrote another one, to be delivered next year.  The things I wrote to myself are already starting to fade, and I know that it will be a fun surprise to receive it on October 18th, 2007.  If you want to read what I wrote to myself in 2005, it’s after the jump.

Dear FutureMe,

I don’t know where you’ll be when you get this, I’m guessing you won’t be in Philadelphia, although you never know.

Walla Walla?  Portland?  Timbuktu?

Lately you’ve been dealing with a lot of unhappiness surrounding your work, your love life, and the lack of direction in your life.  But you’ve also been thinking that change is coming, and that you never know how things are going to work out.

Today is a beautiful fall day in Philly, around 70 degrees and sunny.

Raina opened for Johnny A a couple of nights ago.

Lusana broke her foot this weekend and had surgery last night.

That’s all for now.

Hope all is well!


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