Random Friday–Let's Make a Record

It’s Friday, albeit late afternoon, but still Friday all the same and so I’m still within the time period to get a Random Friday set up.  You know the rules, but for the newcomers, I’ll repeat.  Set your iPod or other digital music devise to shuffle/random and report back the first ten songs it spits out.  Do not skip, omit or ignore any songs, we accept all kinds here.

1. Anna (Go To Him), The Beatles (Please Please Me)
2. Slip Slidin’ Away, Simon & Garfunkel (The Concert in Central Park)
3. Lifetime to Prove, BR5-49 (BR5-49)
4. Down by the River, Indigo Girls (1200 Curfews)
5. God’s World Will Never Pass Away, Sister Gertrude Morgan (Let’s Make a Record)
6. She Has No Time, Keane (Hopes and Fears)
7. When I Fall, Barenaked Ladies (Rock Spectacle)
8. No Bravery, James Blunt (Back to Bedlam)
9. Masterplan, My Morning Jacket (It Still Moves)
10. Find the Cost of Freedom, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young (4 Way Street)

Favorite Song: Slip Slidin’ Away.  Nothing like a little S&G for a nice singalong.  This is one of those songs that can get stuck in your head, but not in a bad way.

Favorite Album: I’ve become a big fan of BR5-49 in recent days.  I ripped this album from a new friend about a month ago and haven’t been able to stop listening to it.  I heard about the group about a year ago, but never managed to get my hands on their music until recently.  They are a fun country/bluegrass band, just up my alley.

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5 thoughts on “Random Friday–Let's Make a Record

  1. Em

    What a great idea! I love Simon & Garfunkel, and Slip Sliding Away is a good choice. Of course, they were “way before my time” as they say … but most of my musical faves are. Guess I’m a “timeless” sort of girl.

    I really gotta get an iPod. We’ve got over 12K songs on the stereo at home, going to waste (except for my Saturday cleaning sprees). Okay, now I’m rambling.

  2. Ellen

    I have mad crazy S&G love too – as well as for several other artists you have. My fave is FOR EMILY WHEREVER I MAY FIND HER, which I consider just so poetically stunning

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