Una's Wedding Cake

Flourless chocolate cake

My friend Una is getting married this Saturday.  She spent years looking for the right guy, many time despairing that she would never find him.  Then, a couple of months after her 35th birthday, she spotted a guy on match.com who resonated with her.  She sent him an email, they went out and soon after, she mentioned to a group of us that he was different from the other guys she had dated, in a very wonderful way.

She’s having a small wedding, mostly family and just a few friends, so I won’t be there (although having heard all the details, I feel like I’ve already experienced it).  They are having the ceremony in upstate New York, in a section of a park where you can see the “Million Dollar View.”  They’ll exchange vows in the late afternoon, and when the ceremony is over the guests will all release butterflies.  And for dessert, they’ll eat a cake that I made.  In that way, I’ll be there after all.

2 thoughts on “Una's Wedding Cake

  1. Una

    It was the best wedding cake ever, especially because I helped make it. It was loved by all and finished off last night after dinner!!
    Thanks Marisa 🙂


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