A wandering report from the weekend and today's marathon nap

This last weekend, I drove down to Washington, DC to visit Cindy.  I hadn’t been to see her since she relocated down that way in July.  I didn’t get down there until sometime after 7 pm on Saturday night.  Traffic was stop and go for the last 40 minutes, during which time my car started making a funny noise and the 20 ounce coffee I had consumed began to demand to be released.  It was not the most comfy I had been in recent days.

We met up for dinner Saturday night with another friend who also recently relocated to DC.  We sat in an Indian restaurant in Cleveland Park, talking, laughing and emptying a bottle of wine until they started cleaning the restaurant around us.

Sunday morning I took a shower while Cindy took apart her bed frame so we could return it JC Penny’s.  My car magically repaired itself overnight (I think it just needed a rest) and getting them to take the frame back was amazingly easy (she had called before hand and had gotten it logged into their system).  Then we did what we often did when she still lived in Philly.  We spent the rest of the day visiting thriftstores.

I haven’t been spending much time at thriftstores recently as I was trying to pare down my possessions (anyone who has been in my apartment recently will probably be looking quizzically at their computer, because Apt. 2024 looks as full as ever.  However, I swear there’s less stuff around here than there used to be).  So it was time for a hit of the sweet, sweet crack that is rooting around in a vast warehouse of used goods.  I got two new (to me) pairs of jeans, shiny red pants perfect for holiday parties (someone needs to have a holiday party now), multiple black sweaters, a tower of books and some assorted kitchen items (just what I need).  It was really fun.

Back in Philly, I woke up this morning with potential beginnings of a cold.  I took a bunch of vitamin C today and tried to work.  Focus was hard to come by and I ended up taking a two hour nap instead, only waking up at 5 pm because my roommate came home and caught me asleep on the couch.  I’m hoping that the day of rest will leave me productive and with a functional brain for tomorrow.

One thought on “A wandering report from the weekend and today's marathon nap

  1. Colin Devroe

    I’ve been there; the crash day. You go, go, go and then – boom – it hits you.

    Eliza and I often like to hit antique shops whenever we’re “on the way back” from somewhere. Our last outing took us to at least 3 different shops where we were hunting for a very specific thing (wine barrels), which helps when going to these shops because otherwise you’d be there all day, and we had a great time doing it.

    Sounds like you had a nice time with old friends. Looking forward to seeing the red pants.. RRrrarrrrr!


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