Indy Hall, National Mechanics and random national linkage

Roz and Scott

I’ve been immersed in the thesis quite a bit again lately, but sent off the latest essay earlier today, just in time to hang out with some of my favorite Indy Hall folks at National Mechanics. I had a terrific veggie burger for dinner and even had the opportunity to taste vodka that had been infused with bacon (there will be more on that over at Slashfood very soon).  I also, just by chance, got to meet E from Foodaphilia who happened to be there eating dinner with some friends.  She recognized me from Fork You and came over to say hi.  It’s fun to be a celebrity.  (Read that last sentence with a strong dose of sarcasm).

Today was actually quite a strange day in the life of this blog. About a month ago, I put up a post over at Slashfood about the No-Knead Bread that was all the rage in foodie blog circles. In that post I referenced my own post about that bread that I had written last January.  For some crazy reason, both Lifehacker and MSNBC’s Clicked blog linked to my old No-Knead Bread post today.  This meant that instead of my normal 60-70 hits a day, I got more than 2,500 today.  All for a ten-month-old post.  The internet gods are strange and mercurial beings.

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