Fork You turns one and I turn 28 1/2

Last night Scott and I went to Ikea (he needed a new shower curtain and I apparently needed a child-sized set of pots and pans).  While we were on our way there, he turned to me and said, “So, do you know what tomorrow is?”

I thought about it briefly before saying, “My half birthday?”

He laughed at me and said something along the lines of, “Yes!  Because it’s all about you.”  He then said, “No, it’s the one year anniversary of Fork You.”

It was slightly amazing to me, because on one hand it feels like we just started this crazy little project.  On the other, it seems hard to think of a time when we weren’t devoting evenings and weekends to creating wacky food video.

Scott has expressed his thoughts on the subject over at Blankbaby and I concur with so much of what he said.  It’s sort of impressive that we’ve stuck with it with such determination.  Looking back at the first episode, I’m able to see just how far we’ve come in terms of comfort in front of an audience, quality of camera work and concise editing.  Some of those first episodes were really lengthy.  (And I must ask, what was up with my hair a year ago?  Why did no one tell me that it was far too long)?

I feel like time moves more quickly every day.  I remember when I was younger, looking at each day as a vast thing that clicked by in snail-like minutes.  A week felt interminable.  Now the weeks zip by and I struggle to grasp hold to the hours and tuck a few of them away for writing, school work, real work and time with friends before they slip away and are gone.  I am just really grateful that I’ve managed to grab a few of those hours and turn them into projects, like Fork You, that I am proud of.

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