As most of you know, my younger sister is a folkie singer-songwriter. However, what I don’t mention too often is the fact that she came to her love of music honestly, because our dad is a long-time singer/songwriter/folkie in his own right. He learned to play right around the time he went through puberty, when his older brothers thrust a mediocre acoustic guitar at him and announced they needed someone to play rhythm. More than 40 years later, he’s still at it and this time he’s joining his music up with his hopes for a more peaceful world.

If you happen to be among the lucky people in the world who will be in Portland, OR on December 27th (happily, I get to count myself among that number) you have the opportunity to see both my dad and my sister playing in the very same concert. It is an event being put on by People of Faith for Peace, an organization that my dad has been very involved with over the last few years. Joining them on the bill will be Marilyn Keller, a local Portland jazz singer. It will be a fun way to hear some excellent music and raise money for peace. And how could that be a bad thing?

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