Philly food bloggers are terrific

Philly food blogger potluck table

I had an amazingly fun time tonight and I didn’t even have to leave the comfort of my apartment.  I played host to the first ever Philadelphia Food Blogger Potluck.  I’m not sure what the exact count was tonight, but I’d guess there were around 20 people here.  It was food bloggers, food vloggers and a few choice friends and significant others.

My table was piled high with an outstanding assortment of food, including meats, cheese, amazing cookies, apple cake, salads, curries, rice dishes, boiled peanuts and fun appetizers.  David outdid himself and brought something in the neighborhood of a dozen bottles of wine (and we nearly emptied all of them).  I made a VERY yummy concoction of potato, squash and cheese (I’ll be posting about it on Slashfood soon).

It was a resounding success.  Here’s to another terrific potluck sometime in January.  Now I’m off to finish cleaning the kitchen.

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