NaBloPoMo or I am slightly nutty

It might have been a little insane on my part, but I signed up to participate in National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo).  This means that I’m committing to myself and the rest of the world that I’ll be posting something on this here site everyday throughout the month of November.

That’s on top of my posts at Slashfood (I try for 4-5 a day), Green Daily (1-2 a day), Metroblogging Philadelphia (I’ve been faltering here), Farm to Philly (I try for 2-3 a month) and Faithful Philly Forum (I’m lucky if I post there twice a year at my current rate, thankfully other people write there as well).  Stories from Reading Terminal Market and the Book Project are both in a state of deep sleep.  And then there’s Fork You and my thesis.  You may call me insane now.  However I always find that the more I write, the more I discover I have to write about.

Here’s the latest thing I’ve learned about life.  You can only do so much (I realize that that statement is in direct opposition to my list of writing commitments above).  At about 2:30 this afternoon, I sat down at my computer, checked my email and discovered that I had missed a meeting I had said I would attend by more than two hours.  There was nothing I could do but apologize and move on.  I accept that in life things sometimes slip, washed away in the mental overflow that often accumulates.  I’m not saying it’s good to let this happen often, but occasionally it’s okay to accept a slip/oversight/accident and then move on.  That’s what I’m doing about today’s missed meeting and it feels so wonderful not to be beating myself up about it.

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