Religion, faith and fundraisers

One area of my life I don’t write about much is my involvement with an organization called the CA House.  CA stands for Christian Association.  These days the word Christian is fraught with right-of-center cultural assumptions.  Those people who consider themselves open-minded, left-leaning Christians are often afraid to “come out” as people of faith for fear that their friends and acquaintances will see them differently if they admit to the fact that they believe in God or Jesus or any other number of things associated with religious practice.

I must admit that I do not consider myself to be a Christian, being that by birthright I am Jewish and by lifelong practice I’m a Unitarian Universalist.  My beliefs don’t line up with any one particular religion (one of the beautiful things about being a UU is the fact that it is encouraged to cobble your belief-system together from a multitude of sources).  However, I associate myself with the CA because they are a voice for liberal, progressive religion at the University of Pennsylvania and I believe in making places like that possible and available.

The organization embodies all the forward thinking, people-centered, radical ideas that I feel the original Christians must have embraced.  They are guided by love and the belief that all people deserve to be treated justly, fairly and with open hearts.

This Sunday, November 18th, the CA is having a fundraiser.  It is silent auction to be held in the Hall of Flags in Houston Hall, on Penn’s campus.  There is an immense list of donated items that will be available for bidding, and chances are you stand to get some pretty excellent deals if you show up.

One thought on “Religion, faith and fundraisers

  1. Kirsten

    Marisa –

    I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that now that I know about your blog, I check it out now and then, and have told friends in SB to check it out too. I so enjoy it! Your writing reminds me to pay attention to the day I’m in. (I’m making that risotta recipe you posted today too — we’ll see if the boy will eat it!)

    Nathan and I just found your sister’s music too, and we love it. We’re planning to buy the new album.

    Anyhow, thanks for the beautiful writing and recipes. — Kirsten


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