Unacknowledged Halloween

I think that this might the only Halloween in my entire life that I have acknowledged not at all.  I didn’t attend a single party (although I was invited to three last Saturday night).  I didn’t carve a pumpkin or don a costume or even see a single cute costumed child today.  All I thought of today was that it was the last day of October.  And this makes me sort of sad.

I used to LOVE Halloween.  We always had really great costumes in my family because we started thinking about them sometime in early September and always handmade them (my parents, mostly).  I was a butterfly twice over the years, always with spectacular homemade wings.   We would create large animal heads out of chicken wire, masking tape and tempura paint.

I think that next year I need to acknowledge the holiday a little better and get myself in the spirit of things.  Because this year just didn’t feel right.

3 thoughts on “Unacknowledged Halloween

  1. Leah

    Yeah, I know how you feel. This was the first Halloween that I did absolutely nothing. Unlike you I wasn’t invited to any parties (which helped me NOT get a costume). But at work we had a doggie costume parade, and I completely spaced on getting costumes for the dogs too. I even had pretty decent ideas too. Oh well…I don’t know why but I’d like to be a little more festive next year.

  2. MoDad

    I am totally disappointed in you. Where did I go wrong as a father? Oh well, I didn’t stay at home and hand out candy to all of our 12 trick or treaters; instead, I went to my first ever opera, Rosini’s Cinderella.


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