An update on my drifty-ness

Slowly but surely, my apartment is starting to come together.  Since my roommate moved out, I’ve shifted books from living room to bedroom to den.  I’ve vacuumed, cleaned closets, dusted and organized.  I’ve wiped down shelves, drilled new holes for cables and taken apart my little office space in the corner of my dining room.  It’s been a really satisfying process, to have the opportunity to settle into my space in a whole new way.

As lovely as it is, I am beginning to think that I’m spending a little too much time in my apartment.  Without the structure of classes or a full time job, I drift through the day, plagued by that particular inability to get things done that comes when you don’t actually have much that has to be done.

It’s worse right now too, because Scott is off at Macworld.  In the last few weeks (since I returned to Philly from my holiday stint in Portland), we’ve fallen into a pattern of spending time together so that I get to ride along on his fairly regular schedule.  Now, without his work hours to keep me on track, I’m drifting even more.

I’m really trying to focus on enjoying the time I have right now and the freedom of these days.  I have a feeling that this openness won’t last forever and that soon enough I’ll be working more (at least one can hope).  But it’s sort of a strange place to be.

One thought on “An update on my drifty-ness

  1. Reed Gustow

    I get what you are saying. You have to have something you need to do. I don’t remember (sorry, I know you must have told me) what you are looking for i.t.o. work. Whatever it is, my best wishes for finding it soon.


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