Meeting my online friends

I first started exploring the world of blogs sometime in the fall of 2004.  I was turned on to them through an article in the New York Times by blogger Heather L. Hunter (yes, I went back to look for the exact story).  I checked out her blog, which led me to other blogs, some of which I read from very beginning to end (along the way, I ended up creating the original version of this blog, over on blogger, in February 2005).  Some of the blogs I discovered in that heady, beginning discovery time I still read to this day.  Having followed people over the course of multiple years, I know their stories, the players in their lives and the challenges they’ve met and overcame.

One blog I stumbled across way back then was Beth.  I was pulled in by her writing and the way in which she shared of her life.  I soon started leaving comments on some of her posts and we became online friends, after a fashion.  Her blogging community had several other members that intrigued me and soon I was following Craige (her site seems to be down) and Jen.

These days we all follow each other, and I’ve joined them on a fantastic online discussion group (with a bunch of other folks) where everyone offers up tidbits about their lives, their unique interior quirks and other queries and quandries.  And tonight, I met all three of them.

You see, I’m in New York for the next couple of days for the AWP conference, and when I knew I was coming to town, I asked them if they wanted to get together.  We met up in the West Village and after our first restaurant appeared too busy, we found a place that would offer a table, food and two bottles of wine.   It was so much fun to meet them, especially since in many so ways I felt like I already knew them.  We talked for more than four hours, about life, relationships, blogging, community and the many challenges that life can throw at you.  I knew before heading out to meet them tonight that I’d enjoy their company, but I wasn’t prepared for the amount of fun I’d have or the connection I’d feel.

Jen, Craige and Beth

Internet, once again, you have done right by me.

4 thoughts on “Meeting my online friends

  1. craige

    I think I can speak for all 3 of us that we had SO much fun hanging out with you last night and I wish you lived here! Also, for the record, we look MUCH better in person than we do in that photo.

  2. beth

    I loved loved LOVED meeting you. And finding out all the inside details 🙂


  3. jen

    I ALSO had so so so much fun meeting you, and I look forward to all of us coming to you in Philly someday! Craige will drive! whee! And yeah PS that was WAY at the END of the night.


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