My first book

binding of my thesis

Last Friday afternoon, I got a call from the Library at St. Joe’s.  They were calling to say that the bound copies of my thesis were in.  This afternoon I drove over to pick them up.  It was strange to be back on campus, mostly because I didn’t feel much in the way of missing the place, despite having spent the last year and a half there.  It served its purpose and I appreciate having had the opportunity to go to school, but I’m also grateful to be done and free from classes.

I haven’t looked at the thesis since I finished it a month ago and as I flipped through it, I was struck by the memory of how much time and effort I had put into string those words and sentences together.  It was also lovely to see my writing between two covers, it was a first for me.  May this not be the last time.

17 thoughts on “My first book

  1. howard

    Wow. That must be an entirely cool feeling. I’ve only been published in anthological publications (and completely unknown ones, at that), but to have your own binding, your own distinct space in the real world must be something.

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  3. Wendy

    A bound book is so much better than a diploma to mark your accomplishment. I would absolutely love a chance to read it! Congratulations and I am absolutely positive it is your first book with many more to come! (Your name looks good on that spine, doesn’t it?)

  4. Marisa

    Hey folks, thanks for all your positive comments and appreciation. I felt all tingly inside while reading each and every one. Here’s hope that someday I’ll have something a little pretty and more official to be announcing.

  5. Jamie

    We’d love to read it some time, curled up in front of the fireplace and sipping hot chocolate (now that we don’t have cable we are entering that wide world of enjoying the written word again)!


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