Swimming in the Stream

Singing at the People of Faith for Peace concert

I’ve always felt particularly fortunate to have grown up in a house in which there was always music. Many Saturday mornings my dad would make pancakes and then pull out his guitar so that my sister and I could dance and sing. Occasionally, I can still convince him to recreate those childhood mornings, although these days I have to promise to clean the kitchen when we’re finished eating in order to gain any traction in the negotiations.

Since I live so far away these days, I don’t often get a chance to hear him play live. However, on occasion, I’ll open my email to discover that he’s sent me a bit of mp3 from one or another recent performance. Yesterday he sent me a rendition of Swimming in the Stream that he and his singing group (Mo Mack and the Peace Makers) performed at a recent concert. It blew me away. For those of you who like a little folk-y music, take a listen.

2 thoughts on “Swimming in the Stream

  1. Leah

    That was really nice. I think I must idealize your childhood and imagine that it was the modern day equivalent of a Currier & Ives postcard. I like believing it anyways…

  2. Deb

    Love the song. Grew up with hippie parents, too, and my uncle still plays bass in a bluegrass band. {if you’re in Cape May and have a chance to check out the Snake Brothers…}

    Going to get granola ingredients today. Loved the video. thanks!


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