I survived my first live tv appearance

Yesterday morning, I got up an hour and fifteen minutes earlier than normal. As I showered, I wasn’t feeling nervous exactly. I was more focused on going over lists in my head of things I needed to bring with me and the points I was hoping to make. I started to freak out when I couldn’t get my left contact lens to settle happily on my eyeball, but Scott (playing the role of most helpful partner ever) ran to CVS to get me some eye drops while I waited for the car. We got to the studio with all props accounted for and time to spare (during which I got my contacts situated).

The actual segment was really, really fun. I had a great time chatting with Michelle Buckman and I could have talked so much longer about canning (it felt like it was over in a flash).

For those of you who missed it yesterday or who don’t live in Philly, here’s the link to where you can watch it online. My name is outrageously misspelled, but everything else about it is terrific.

3 thoughts on “I survived my first live tv appearance

  1. howard

    congratulations on the fairly smooth tv gig.

    the misspelling issue is kind of funny. i remember in intro to journalism our professor was a curmudgeon recently retired from 30 years with UPI. he drilled a few key musts and nevers into our heads that first semester. the first one was always get the correct spelling of a person’s name.

    maybe those rules aren’t taught so vigorously anymore, or perhaps it’s just characteristic of online journalism? whatever the case, at least they tried to find as many ways as possible to misspell it in the course of a few paragraphs 😉


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