New Jar Storage

dad in wall

There’s a wall in my kitchen that, when rapped strongly, always sounded hollow. The storage space in my little galley comes at a premium and so I’ve frequently wished that I could bash into that empty space and add a few more shelves. Well, this week, my dream is coming true, thanks to my very handy father.

He was in town less than 24 hours before he’d cut a hole in the wall and developed a plan for building a shelving unit that is two feet wide, six feet tall and just six inches deep (perfect for jars of all stripes).

The gift of storage – it’s the best wedding present a girl could ask for.

4 thoughts on “New Jar Storage

  1. dawn

    LOL! at first glance, before reading, I thought he had bashed his head into the wall!
    well, you are lucky to have a handy dad…I am not blessed in that dept.

  2. E

    See!?! That’s what I’m talking about! I know that once I get my father to step foot in my house, he’ll be working on all sorts of projects like that … the little twerp must know it … sense it … and so he avoids Florida. One of the days Old Man! You will be my slave, and you will build me a fence, put up shelves in my garage, and I can’t wait!!

    Lucky you. That’s a lot of extra storage. Hope it’s everything to expected and more!


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