Wedding Weather

sept 26 weather

Right now, this is the weather forecast for the day of our wedding. This is perfect. I need it to stay exactly like this. If you are so inclined (and if you believe in such things), I would so appreciate positive thoughts and prayers in the direction of the weather, in the hopes that it will indeed be clear, sunny and perfectly temperate on the day of the wedding.

4 thoughts on “Wedding Weather

  1. E

    You got it! If … you will return the same favor for me. I’m getting married on Memorial Day weekend next year … its such a “hit or miss” time of year, weather wise. We shall see.

    But I’m sure your day will be as perfect as that forecast above! Good luck!

  2. Tony

    We could have chosen any month for our wedding. We chose September, too, and our weather was perfect. I’ll be praying for your forecast to hold. Best wishes and good luck!


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