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94 | 365 Let me start by sharing the fact that I am not really a doughnut person. Growing up, doughnuts were a rare treat and sadly, those we did have were not representative of the best a doughnut can be. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve developed a nasty guilt association with fried dough and so it’s been best to just leave them alone.

However, when someone suggested that we pay a visit to the Doughnut Plant while in New York, Scott’s ears perked right up. He’s got none of my nasty hang-ups and has passionate love for a good doughnut (when we go to Portland in October, both Voodoo and Annie’s are on our must-visit list).

That half-gone white peach raised doughnut up there in the picture? Absolutely the best one I’ve ever had in my entire life. Truly, a transcendent pastry experience.

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  1. Lindsay Jewell

    I’ve lived in the Portland area for 16 years, and I just had my first Voodoo Doughnut visit last month. My friend’s boyfriend is the night manager there, and he gave us a variety pack of epic proportions. Interesting doughnuts…. which one will you order? 🙂

    I hate Krispy Kremes.


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