241 | 365

241 | 365

When I inherited this apartment from my grandmother, it came with everything in it. That included every from the food in the kitchen to the houseplants. I’ve carefully brought her Christmas cactus back from the dead and I’ve potted and repotted her ficus schefflera until it became the towering plant that it is today.

Unfortunately, the ficus schefflera has gotten too bit for the apartment. It desperately needs to be repotted, but I have no place to do that without spreading dirt all across my living room, dining room and kitchen. I think the time has come for the ficus schefflera to find a new home. If you (or anyone you know in the Philadelphia area) are in the market for a large, 10+ year old house plant, please let me know. I’d love to pass this plant along to a good home. It looks like the plant has found a new home at iFractal. Big thanks to Frank and his crew for being so willing to take it on.

too big ficus

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  2. MrsKezner

    I would be happy to provide a lovely home, and a new pot, for your growing beauty! I live just outside of the city, but work in Center City daily…


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